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      My aunt is diabetic and found she can’t have aspartame. It swelled her joints
      and has caused her no end of hurt, and I refuse to ingest it. Valerie is right,
      it is true, at this time that it has not been linked to any DISEASE. But, it
      has been traced to a HUGE number of side effects and allergic reactions. The
      number of websites against apartame use is much larger than the websites that
      flaunt it’s positive side, this alone is a huge warning signal for most people.
      (Especially me, if it were the other way around I may try it someday…)

      If you want to see the list of side effects, this is the one I found that was
      the most comprehensive.

      Emily Y.

      “He brings home the bacon, I cook it!”
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      From: Valarie Lewis
      Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 7:27 AM
      Subject: : RE OT fast food and diet coke

      I’m not saying that aspartame is absolutely safe in any and all amounts,
      just that it has NOT been linked to any diseases yet.


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