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      Hi, I have been a lurker for a while cause I don’t have the net at

      home, I get the digest and can read the messages from my phone. I

      would love to know if someone could share with me the Suze Orman

      book. I can only be online a few times a month at the library and

      they don’t have the book. (not planning on getting it either, low

      budget for new books right now) I can save to a memory card and then

      print at home. I am also wondering how do others with limited income

      and children manage? I have medical problems that my family does not

      understand, and I can’t work because of. My husband works his tail

      off and we are constantly behind on all our bills, I joined this site

      for ideas, but not being able to ask for help from my phone (that my

      mom covers so the kids have access to 911) limits me to looking thru

      the archives on a very time limited base. If any can send messages

      to this thread I will be able to read them on my phone at night after

      9 eastern. We have 3 kids, an 11 year old son, and 3 and 1/2 year

      old boy/girl twins. My husband and I rent and are way behind on the

      rent but have a very understanding landlord (so far) and he has

      granted us permission to have a garden, wondering what can be planted

      this late in the season? Any help would be appriciated.


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