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      Hi everyone,

      Recent disturbing threads on some *other* lists have brought to mind
      that I probably should have included my copyright line on the Ethnic
      Inexpensively, April Column. This column is exclusive to the
      Budget101 family. If you plan to share my column with anyone, please
      take time to add my copyright (you can copy and paste, or if you
      prefer, press on the ALT key and simultaneously–on the number pad to
      your right–press 0169 to create the © sign and just type the rest).
      The ingredients to a recipe are not copyrightable, but the directions
      are, as is the entire column, which includes the recipe. Thank you.

      ©2003 Michelle Young



      — In, “Liss@b…” wrote:

      > Are you in the mood for a change of pace? Perhaps another taste of
      the Far East will whet your appetite! If Szechuan cuisine suits your
      fancy, Chengtu Chicken is worth the time. On the side, consider Yaki
      Mushrooms, from Japan, and you’ll have a feast fit for a king, for
      company, and most definitely for your family! This is not a hot dish,

      > as Szechuan is known for, but it does have a kick for those who
      aren’t accustomed to much spice in their diet. If you’re one of
      those, on the other hand, who are looking for hot, double the hot bean
      sauce or Szechuan chili sauce, and it will probably fit your

      > needs.

      [snipped for brevity]

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