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      Here’s a 5 second rule for pet owners that you can’t afford to ignore! Did you know that it literally takes less than a minute to burn (& blister) the pads of your dogs feet when walking on cement/concrete and pavement surfaces?!

      Signs of Burned Paw pads include:

      Refusing to walk
      Licking/chewing the feet
      pads that are discolored, often darker in the center than in other areas
      missing part of pad

      Also, like people, when pets swim the water softens the pads of their feet making them more susceptible to burning.

      Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you cannot hold it for five seconds, it’s too hot to walk your dog on it! If you’re considering putting socks on as a barrier be sure to watch your dog closely, many dogs will chew (& consequently ingest!) the socks.

      In addition to painful burns, pets are also susceptible to heat stroke as well. Our close friends dog died last summer following a playfun run with the kids, when they got back from playing, he collapsed. He was gone before they even made it to the vet.

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