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      I buy shower caps from my local dollar stores and always keep them on hand. I regularly find them in bags or 6 or 12 and various colors.

      My favorite use is using them to cover bowls and small trays that have no lids: this comes in really handy when setting up a buffet or picnic spread, as it keeps insects out of the food, and keeps the food from drying out!

      I also use them to cover my small kitchen appliances to keep them dust free: ie; toaster, blender, etc.

      They’re also great to cover opened cans in the refrigerator: ie: pet food cans

      Plus, they’re easily washed and reused!

      Anyone have any other suggestions for uses?

      ….. Kate 😀

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      When travelling, I wrap my shoes in the shower caps. Keeps the dirt of my clothes. Especailly for my hubby’s shoes that he just polished!2lbkos0 smilie

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      I also use them to cover dishes…… and to cover my hair when in the shower.

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      I saw this hint somewhere and I don’t remember where. When packing for a trip put your shoes in shower caps. Also string your neck less threw a straw to keep it from knotting.

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      Be careful using products for food that are not listed as food safe. Some of the chemicals they are made from and how they are made will affect the safety of your food…especially is someone you serve has allergies. I have seen way too many food safety videos to use non food safe items on my food.

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      Lol – to cover hair in shower. It’s like the forgotten use for it. :hand-icon:

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      I use them to keep my paper plates clean and confined.

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      I use them when travelling, we often eat in our room and always end up with leftovers of some kind. They a small compact and easy to carry.

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      Going on vacation and will def use this for shoes! Thanks!

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      Okay, I have a few to add to this:

      At Home:

      iPad touchscreen cover – If you’re using your Ipad in the kitchen (while cooking!), Put a shower cap over the screen (it’s a perfect fit!) and continue on. That way, you can scroll or do whatever you need to without having to stop and wash your hands.

      Pulling hair clogs out of the drain is so gross! Put a showercap over your hand and then grab the nasty hair clog, pull it out and wrap the shower cap over it.

      Paint Texture Sponge- Gob one into a ball, dip in paint and you’ve got an instant textured sponge.

      Plant drip protection Use a shower cap instead of a plate underneath a plant pot to catch drips and water leaks.

      Reorganize your clothes drawers by rolling belts or scarves or knit hats up in shower caps

      Getting Ready for a Hot Date? Do your hair and makeup first, then put on a showercap while you slip on your Good Clothes. It will keep your hair from getting mussed and prevent getting makeup on your clothes.

      We Use showercaps over our hanging pots & pans at camp to keep them from getting dusty inside

      They make great bicycle seat covers when it’s raining. It keeps the seat from absorbing all the rain & breaking down prematurely.

      Camera Cover- again, if you’re out and it starts raining, a shower cap makes a perfect camera cover!

      Use it over your hand when entering a public restroom or any public door.

      Make your own Instant greenhouse for sprouting seedlings, cover a plant pot with the shower cap.

      Poke a hole in the middle of the shower cap then slip the hanger through, the cap will cover the shoulders of the garment, keeping it dust free.

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      These are great. But a word of warning: they may be seconds. I just purchased one that turned out so small even a child would not be able to wear it.

      Open the pkg before you leave and save yourself a trip!

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      Great on your head when you are painting ceilings with a roller or paintbrush stops splatters getting in your hair

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