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      I have just started in this group recently. My husband would “prefer” i was
      working but he knows it’s not happening until our 3 year old is in school. I am
      doing a few side things so please don’t send emails letting me know what I could
      do on the side for money. Anyway he wants a king’s life not grasping the
      concept that we are on a peasant’s budget. An example is: I shut off the
      lights I’m not using and he tells me he needs to see his dinner and turns a
      total of 4 different lights. I realize this doesn’t whole heartedly have much
      to do with this group and budgeting but even if I got personal replies I would
      be grateful. He says he doesn’t see how much money we can actually be saving
      shutting the lights off for 20 minutes. I was just wondering how many other
      people are in the same boat? He appreciates the food budgeting but doesn’t
      “get” the total picture.


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