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      My hubby doesn’t mind if I keep the groc. bill down – keeping lights
      off in a room that we’re not in is MUST to him.

      However, he sees me a bit as a radical – he refuses to let me even
      TRY cloth diapers – he went through that w/his younger siblings &
      swore his wife & kids wouldn’t have to go through that. (Whatever
      THAT is???) He also told me to forget making my own tolietries –
      although I’ve been known to make my own facial masks & stuff for yrs.
      now. He just thinks I’m a little TOO frugal.

      I think he sees it as a kind of an insult too. Saving money is one
      thing, but if you can afford things, then why go though _________?
      Am I making sense? So I don’t battle that issue. I save money where
      I have stewardship & just sigh as they ring up the diapers…

      Compromise. Isn’t it great?

      🙂 Aine

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