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      I thought about getting a job. Most jobs in this area require a 30 mile drive
      one way. I would earn at most $8.00 an hour. I have 2 kids that would need to
      be supervised after school, my daughter is 13 but with all the nut cases in the
      world and the fact that our nearest neighbor is a mile away, I am uncomfortable
      leaving them alone. So, gas and day care would eat most of that up. Extra
      mileage on our car would not be good either (we have a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am
      with about 225,000 miles, but it runs like a new car). We figured if I did get
      a job, it would actually cost us a lot each month.
      On the plus side, my husband likes coming home after a hard day farming to a
      warm meal, clean and calm house. He said that alone is priceless.

      Lori Goltl

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