Are you ready for Christmas?

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      Very cute!!!

      Each year, we spend Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law’s place with my husband’s side of the family and my sister-in-law’s husband’s side of the family. There are usually about 20 kids there.

      I started a tradition years ago to do craft projects and give cute little gifts to the kids (mini notebooks, pens, pencils, candy, ornaments), etc. at Thanksgiving, since we don’t see them around Christmas time. I also try to do so some kind of game – like guess the candy in the jar.

      As the kids grew older, the cute little craft projects were no longer of interest…and the cutesy little gifts were inappropriate. I transitioned to $5 Blockbuster gift cards for each kid (which is more than what I had ever spent on the little crafts and
      gifts)….and then $5 Wawa gift cards for the last few years.

      ….Now, most of the kids are teenagers and even some adults – yet each year, I give a $5 Wawa gift card to each kid.

      Some of these kids are VERY well off, driving Mercedes, living in huge homes. But they still show signs that they love the tradition of getting that little gift at Thanksgiving!

      This will be the first year that we will not be going to my sister-in-law’s for Thanksgiving. (sniff sniff)…..I still plan on dropping off a bunch of $5 Wawa gift cards for my sister-in-law to give out on my behalf. LOL.


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      I handed my 15 year old niece her birthday card, hand-made, as I told

      her “all I’m giving you this year is a card”. She thanked me, and

      tried to not look disappointed. It was a hand made card, “Happy

      Birthday tunes You” on the front. That should have been a

      hint. Inside was an iTunes gift card. That lit up her face and

      earned a giggle.

      Yes, teens do appreciate gift cards, and this gave her some music she

      could select. One year, I just gave my nephew some money in an empty CD case.

      Ann in Arkansas

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Are you ready for Christmas?