Are you ready for Christmas?

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      I’ve heard people mention about getting gift cards for transferring prescriptions. How does that work?

      Hi Ria,

      Here in our area there are coupons in the store flyers that you give to the pharmacist with a new or transfered (info from another drug stores prescription bottle) and then you qualify for thegift cards.

      As far as the stepson and his number of gifts– been there and done that!LOL The Dad here is the same way…”that doesn’t look like enough…are you sure you spent the same on him as on your son?” I think it’s just a “Dad” thing.

      Last year, I took several gift cardsfrom different places (small cards for like pizza hut or mc donalds…thanks to and loaded up each of the boys a new wallet. That was their only gift- a new leather wallet with a $20 bill and several small gift cards. They were thrilled and there was not an issue of who got more…they got exactly the same (they always get the same but this year it looked the same).

      The Santa stuff is hard, I know. Our daughter is the youngest and I’m facing no more Santa after this year. We got a super amazing deal for a Disney World trip and her gift this year (as well as my dh/my giftto each other, my 51st birthday and our 13thwedding anniversary all rolled into one)will be atrip in December to Disney for a few days.

      I’m writing letters from Santato her on special stationary w/glitter and sealing waxexplaining that she is getting lunch at the castle w/Cinderella as onegift, the second gift will be a trip to Bippity Boppity Boutique for a dress/hairdo/makeup/nails and her third gift is the trip itself. I’ll take the envelopes with us and dole them out as the trip unfolds to make it last longer. Santa will still bring a stocking so she’ll have something Christmas morning. It’s tough when your baby doesn’t belive any more…although my oldest (25 and married w/2kids) still claims to believe in Santa- he says when you stop believing,Santa stops bringing gifts (or he’s afraid Mom will stop bringing gifts)LOL

      Enjoy your holiday!

      Lisa G.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Are you ready for Christmas?