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      Thanks, Lisa!

      I’ve heard people mention about getting gift cards for transferring prescriptions. How does that work?

      As far as the “more is more” mentality, my husband also has that mentality. He has an adult son, and he STILL feels as though there should be “lots under the tree” for him.

      As my stepson was transitioning into a teenager, I explained to my husband that all his son wants is gift cards and money – but my husband won’t stand for less gifts under the tree. He counts them and decides whether or not it’s “enough”, regardless of the value!

      So, I’ve made it a point over the years to buy some smaller gifts for his son – like pajama pants, fleece blanket, a book, nice car air fresheners – in addition to the cash and gift cards,
      mainly to satisfy my husband! ** Shaking head **

      I also have a hard time with the *more is less* approach for my daughter. Since we don’t usually give her toys, etc. throughout the year, I like it when she has a dozen packages under the tree to open. I don’t know how I could trim it down without feeling sad about it. I keep thinking to myself that it’s such a magical time for a child, and eventually things will change.


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      I also dogift cards thru helps so much! Sometimes you find cheap(er) gift cards on eBay,but you have to trust the seller. Also, you can get CVS, RiteAid cards with prescription transfers some times…Ithink I’ve seen Targetdo this as well. Don’t know if you can use
      the drug store gift cards to purchase other gift cards (our CVS sells a wide choice) but I would guess you might be able to. If not, who couldn’t use a gift card to a drug store? As far as changing the list of toys right before Christmas, I try to get my daughter to write her letter to Santa pretty early in the season. She can choose three things, one of which can be “big” (she’s 8- her “big” is about $40). Once it’s on paperand on the way to Santa, she can’t change her mind. I do add things once in a while that she’s asked for later on if I can get a good deal on them.This Christmas we are doing one gift per person (other than Santa stuff)…this is typical for a lot of you, but new to us. I’m honestly looking forward to shopping this year- in the past it’s been a real pain. We’re a small family and my Mother started the tradition of lots to open- she would wrap a packet of bobby pins to go
      under the tree! LOL I guess she thought “more is more”…this year we’re trying the “less is more” approach to Christmas– decorating, cooking, packages and all. We will try to put the most focus ontime togetherrather than on stuff and things.Lisa G.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Are you ready for Christmas?