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      I get a lot of Christmas gifts covered between Christmas and New Year’s, taking advantage of after-season clearance deals. For this year, I bought beautiful Christmas tree candle holders for $1.25 each to give to neighbors, friends, teachers….and for the neighborhood kids, I got a bunch of animated dogs on sleds that rock and barks Christmas tunes (originally $17, paid $1.50 each). I also ordered personalized ornaments for 70% off plus free shipping to cover gifts for certain people as well.

      There are a few challenges, though.

      In the past, I would get toys, etc. for my daughter super cheap through Amazon or eToys. But as she got older, when Christmas was getting closer, her tastes would change and she’d want totally different things! I like for her
      to at least get a few of the things she’d been wanting….so I end up spending MORE!

      The other problem I have is with certain family members who don’t want to make it simpler. My sister, for example. When I talked to her about possibly cutting back to save money, she says that she doesn’t want to because it’s just the two of us and she wants it to be special for my daughter who doesn’t get as many gifts as her kids do. I talked to her about maybe doing a family gift instead – she didn’t like the idea. Or, creating challenges of all homebaked goods, etc. Nope. We established a spending limit of $25 per kid and $50 per couple. She usually goes over $25 for my daughter. For me, it ends up being $50 for her and her husband, then $25 x 3 kids. I usually spend less, because I try to get good deals. But still, it ends up being more than I would want to spend.

      And then there’s
      those who only care for gift cards…and you can’t really cheap out on those. I am working on earning them through Mypoints though….

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      How is everyone buying Christmas gifts or making them or whatever, for Christmas this year to keep costs down?

      I am almost finished with my shopping … and thought this might be a good subject to talk about in budgeting and saving and not wasting…dash

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Are you ready for Christmas?