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      Register online here, then call your local Petco, they will supply you with a 10 gal fish/reptile tank and all the accessories for free! This is for Public, Private, & Home Schools! Some stores will actually do a demo for you & your class & set up everything if you ask.

      Aquariums offer a window into a world where lessons can be learned every day. It’s not just the science of creating a thriving ecosystem, but lessons of responsibility and interdependency that inspire students and teachers alike.

      By signing up for Aquademics®, you’ll receive materials that make this hands-on, minds-on learning experience come to life. Along with important step-by-step instructions, there’s information on how Aquademics® can help meet state learning standards in Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Ecology, Writing and more.

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      I registered and then called our local Petco only to be told that they had already reached their limit that they can do for the year. So, I emailed Aquademics directly and gave them the details. I’ll keep you posted as to the response I receive.

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      I registered and called and we got ours!!
      thank you so much!!

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      I don’t homeschool so this isn’t something I will request, but WOW what an awesome offer!

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      i signed our home school up, but when i called our local petco
      they told me it was not for home schools.

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      73Kelly, you might want to talk with a manager according to the website there is a section for homeschool with links to lesson plans and it says: Aquademics® is a hands-on/minds-on enrichment opportunity that brings learning to life for children, whether they are sitting in the classroom or gathered with family members around the aquarium in the living room.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Aquarium for Home Schools/Public/Private Schools