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    Sunday – poached eggs and toast
    Monday – grits and toast
    Tuesday – oatmeal with cinnamon and maple syrup
    Wednesday – chicken biscuit
    Thursday – maple sausage in a mini pita
    Friday – peanut butter toast
    Saturday – fried-egg sandwich
    Total – $1.49

    Black berries
    Unsalted peanuts
    Fruit and nut bars
    Trail mix
    Triscuits and cheddar cheese
    Yogurt mixed with assorted fruits
    Total — $2

    Sunday – egg salad sandwich
    Monday – leftover chicken cacciatore
    Tuesday – leftover fried chicken salad
    Wednesday – leftover Buffalo wings
    Thursday – chicken salad
    Friday – leftover mac and cheese
    Saturday – ham sandwich
    Total — $7.17

    Sunday – chicken pot pie and avocado-cucumber salad…$2.97
    Monday – cranberry-orange chicken, broccoli rice, and avocado-corn-tomato salad…$10.43
    Tuesday – sautéed pork chops, rice and gravy, butter baby lima beans…$7.96
    Wednesday – cheesy spinach casserole and salad…$2.99
    Thursday – broiled chicken thighs, boiled buttered potatoes, California blend, and chocolate mousse…$5.96
    Friday – pork loin, brown rice and gravy, green beans…$11.97
    Saturday – ham and cheddar quiche with broccoli…$3.99
    Total — $46.27

    Total for the week — $56.93

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