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      Sunday — cinnamon rolls, cantaloupe, and coffee
      Monday — oatmeal with banana and coffee
      Tuesday — peanut butter toast, banana smoothie, and coffee
      Wednesday — scrambled eggs, toast, and coffee
      Thursday — cheesy grits and coffee
      Friday — cinnamon rolls, cantaloupe, and coffee
      Saturday — toast with jelly, banana smoothie, and coffee
      Total — $1.29

      Sunday — spaghetti and meatballs (from the freezer)
      Monday — lentil soup (from the freezer)
      Tuesday — vegetable fried rice (leftovers)
      Wednesday — chicken tacos
      Thursday — steak salad (leftovers)
      Friday — grilled cheese and cup of soup
      Saturday — turkey club sandwich
      Total — $4

      Sunday – chicken pitas…$3.96
      Monday – lamb stew…$7.96
      Tuesday – cod cakes and salad…$3.49
      Wednesday – vegetarian chili (leftover from the freezer)…$0
      Thursday – chicken, spinach, and artichoke…$7.68
      Friday – chicken and broccoli casserole…$7.52
      Saturday – black bean and corn enchiladas…$6.32
      Total — $36.93…prices were up on many staples;-/

      Total for the week — $42.22

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