April 21-27

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      Sunday – basted eggs and toast
      Monday – oatmeal breakfast squar
      Tuesday – grits and toast
      Wednesday – oatmeal with maple syrup
      Thursday – chicken biscuit
      Friday – peanut butter toast
      Saturday – cheese omelett
      Total – $5.53

      Unsalted peanuts
      Fruit and nut bars
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Yogurt mixed with assorted fruits
      Total — $5

      Sunday – leftover chicken and dumplings
      Monday – salad
      Tuesday – leftover ribs
      Wednesday – leftover spaghetti
      Thursday – salad
      Friday – leftover mac and cheese with ham
      Saturday – pork sandwich
      Total — $4

      Sunday – Buffalo wings, Bleu cheese sauce, ranch sauce, Spanish rice, and lettuce wedges…$3.45
      Monday – Crockpot chicken cacciatore with rotelle and salad…$2.31
      Tuesday – roast chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, and strawberry cheesecake crumble squares…$5.48
      Wednesday – ham steak, rice, broccoli, and flourless peanut butter cookies…$7.60
      Thursday – ribs, mac and cheese, and broccoli salad…$6.99
      Friday – oven-fried chicken thighs, buttered boiled potatoes, and corn…$2.91
      Saturday – tomato and broccoli frittata…$1.59
      Total — $30.33

      Total for the week — $44.86

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