April 19-25

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      Sunday – pb&j toast
      Monday – sausage, eggs, and toast
      Tuesday – bacon and egg salad on toast
      Wednesday – yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, and mandarin oranges
      Thursday – apple strudel
      Friday – Belvita mixed berry breakfast cookie
      Saturday – blueberry biscuits
      Total – $2.76



      Garlic Ritz Crackers and provolone cheese
      Mandarin oranges
      Trail mix
      Total — $1.58



      Sunday – tuna salad sandwich
      Monday – beef burrito
      Tuesday – leftover enchilada bake
      Wednesday – fried chicken salad
      Thursday – Greek chicken sandwich
      Friday – leftover formaggio
      Saturday – steak salad
      Total — $6.45


      Sunday – gingered beef, veggie fried rice, and sugar snap peas…$2.46
      Monday – chicken curry with pasta and salad…$5.97
      Tuesday – fried catfish, rice pilaf, and Brussels sprouts, and dark chocolate ganache cheesecake…$4
      Wednesday – baked ziti and salad…$4.74
      Thursday – Greek chicken, pierogies, broccoli…$1.44
      Friday – fried pork chops, fried rice, salad, and lemon pound cake…$3.96
      Saturday – Crockpot pot roast with veggies and cherry cake…$3.56
      Total — $26.13
      Total for the week — $36.92

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