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      Rather than investing in pre-sliced apples (which lose flavor- they

      always taste bland to me!), get an apple slicer/corer. They run

      about the same price as 1 bag of pre-sliced apples. It’s round, with

      metal sections like a pie around the outer circle, with a small

      inner circle inside.

      You place it on top of the apple, use two hands to press down, and

      it slices & cores the apple in 1 step. That’s what I do for the

      kids, because they hate seeds, and I hate biting into core, too.

      — In, “Anggie Thompson”



      > Apples are not my favorite fruit because I just don’t like having

      to bite

      > into them and then you have to get rid of the core. My son can’t

      bite into

      > them since he broke his tooth off and had it repaired. I found the


      > slices in a bag. But beware, at Wally World yesterday, they had


      > apples 12 oz for $3.08 and then I found another brand called

      Crunch Pack and

      > they were 16 oz for the same price!


      > —

      > Anggie

      > Fight Breast cancer……no one should die from it


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