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      This can be a meal in itself. The beef can be pre-cooked at home. You should finish the stew over a bed of coals on the campfire.

      It can cook while you take a short walk which will work up a good appetite for this hearty meal.
      Apple Cider Stew
      1 tbs flour
      1/8 tsp pepper
      1/8 tsp dried thyme
      3/4 lb beef stew meat
      1 tbs olive oil
      3/4 cup fresh apple cider
      1/8 cup water
      3/4 tbs cider vinegar
      pinch of crumbled bay leaf
      2 carrots, sliced
      1 potato, quartered, sliced
      1 onion, sliced
      1 celery stalk, sliced
      1 apple, sliced
      Combine flour, salt, pepper, and thyme in a bowl.

      Toss the stew beef into the flour mix. Brown with olive oil in a Dutch oven. Stir in cider, water, and cider vinegar.

      Bring to a boil. Add bay leaf. Simmer meat until tender.

      Add balance of ingredients and cook until the vegetables are tender.
      This can be a good romantic meal when you are on the trail alone (if ya know what I meangiggle smiley) OR just a great meal when you are home alone;-D
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      Thanks for the recipe, since long time i am looking for this, I love this dish, and surely I will make today itself. Smile, its spring!

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      YAY! I’m glad that you found itgiggle smileylet me know how you like it…

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      ohh this looks good!.. im gonna try it asap

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      This looks really good, I think I might make this Saturday for supper.

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      This is a hearty meal and can be stretched… Add more potatoes and veggies and you can get at least two meals;-D
      Anyone try it?

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