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      A friend sent the link to me and it seems to be a good site. It has steps you can take to getting your house organized and a lot of other information. I just started using the site and wanted to share it with those who haven’t heard of it.

      Those who have, any luck with it?

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      I have tried it before. It is a good site. She sends you a list of things to do in your house each day.

      If you love to clean it is great, just make sure you have a lot of energy!

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      It is a good site. I’m a member. I just wish I had the time to do it.

      LOL Someone usually shows up, or something. And not too many really want to help out here. Have a blessed day all!!


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      Yeah, it’s hard for me to find the time and energy also. There’s just not enough time in the day to do everything!!

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      Sorta .. I found that if I used the timer (I used it all the time with kids – so I have a lot of them) for 30 -45 mins of cleaning time I could keep on task.

      Spending the time to break jobs into Less than 15 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins & 45 mins chores helped too. I can check my list and might be able to wack through a mini project while on hold on the phone (for example today, Mon, I have to call in scripts I know I will be on hold for a while).

      Its actually amazing if you really time how long it really take to do a certain job when you are focused. btw this is a good project for kids – use a stop watch for them and have them sort laundry, etc. i do not recommend using stop watch for putting away dishes or breakables – in rush its easy to have an accident.

      i made it a rule no running only walking when on the stop watch.

      i do better with a drill partner to keep me on task. with a drill partner both people (or more) end up accomplishing more than alone. even if you never meet in real life you have a drill buddy/partner.

      i started a topic on drill partners and a social group.


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      I joined a while back. There is a lot of good information, but it was way too commercial for me. You would get daily emails to let you know what you needed to do for the day.

      You would also get “Testimonials” which talks about how that person couldn’t focus on the system until she had bought something from Flylady (i.e. Control Journal, Duster, Timer, books, etc.) I would get 10 emails when I only needed 2.

      You would also get emails directing you to join in health/dinner/personal sites run by people that she is affiliated with. Those sites (surprise!) made it seem like you had to buy something from them to be successful.

      It is a good system. The selling just rubbed me the wrong way. So, what I did was transfer the daily/weekly/monthly reminders that I actually needed into Google Calender.

      This way, I get emails to keep me on track, automatically sent, without the commercialism. I did have to tweak the system a bit to make it fit in with my life style. (No pets, 1 child part time, working full time, and I have a disease that the main symptom is fatigue).

      Most of the checklists are free on the Flylady site, and the long term ones you can collect by going to her site and copying down the zone of the day. Everything repeats, so eventually, you no longer have to check in. Also, there are other takes on creating control journals that might fit your lifestyle better.

      Check out Messies Anonymous. They have a great system for jump starting your cleaning called the Mt. Vernon/Mt.

      Vesuvius method. They have a Flipper system (which they try to sell, but not as hard as Flylady) instead of a control journal. I made one for 3 dollars using Goodwill items.

      For Control Journal pages, check out they Yahoo groups- CreativeControlPanel (Lots of chitchat in this one, focus on the files about setting up a journal. It is really great about helping you understand why you are doing this) and printableplannerforms (no chat at all, but access to some great files) Also DIY Planner is a great resource for printing your own pages.

      I hope this helps. I am still trying to make mine a habit, but I have seen some improvement.


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      Well, I joined several years ago, but still trying to get my routines on 🙂 …About all the emails she sents, you can always delete them. That’s what I do! But I like the idea of the tasks.

      I still have to tweak them (not a SAHM). And also, you don’t have to buy anything. I made my own control journal.


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      My mother-in-law turned me on to Fly Lady a few months ago. I think there is a lot of great information on there. I’m still trying to find what works for me but I think I can incorporate a lot of her ideas to stream line things around here.
      I’m with patycapereira, no need to buy anything just make your own control journal.

      I really tweaked my to-do lists that I’ve always used.

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      I joined years ago, but the enormous load of emails to tell me what I should be doing throughout the day just made me even more frazzled. It did not make me clean more. I just felt like I had my mother in email form 🙂

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      I agree, I tried it and there were just too many emails. Plus it seemed like they were sending the same ones over and over.

      It’s a really good idea but I think it needs a little work.

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