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      I just attending a workshop on this at a homeschool fair. I’m excited

      and I’m about to set mine up. Here are some bullet points from the workshop

      Use a 3″ ring binder (sturdy it will get used a LOT!)

      divide the binder with numbered index tabs

      Have the Table of Contents as the first page listing what each index

      number corresponds to

      Under the tabs – some examples

      **Schedule info – not a calendar but any paper related to a calendar

      item. Directions to a party, the original sports calendar handed out at

      practice, e-tickets to a concert or flight etc. (3 hole punch these

      items and file them in this section)

      **Family info – birthdays, anniversaries, chore charts,

      **Husband info – work address phone, personal info, insurance info, Rx

      dosage and mg, frequent flier/guest info, etc.

      **Pets – vet schedule, vet info, boarding info, med schedule, name,

      description, good clear picture (should they become lost)

      **Church info – nursery volunteer schedule, committee list, class

      rosters, committee info, etc.

      **House info – Appliance manuals, warranties, repair records, paint

      chips/numbers/colour swatch, fabric swatches,

      **Car Info – title copy, maintenance records, make, model, year info,

      mechanic/shop contacts, tag, emissions receipts (or copies),

      **Activities – (this might have sub-tabs like the 5 subject tabs we used

      in school) scouts, sports teams, drama club info, co-op rules, rosters,

      rules, resources (if a team mom or leader)

      **Planning – project central. Planning a party? garage sale? trip?

      renovation? redecoration? This can be the project management office.

      **Pending response – file e-receipts here until item is received,

      correspondence you need to keep up with, follow through on, anything

      that needs to be looked at again.

      **Kid info – again sub tabs can be used here – either by child or item

      or both – put in medical and dental records, shot record, activities,

      insurance info, driving laws, college info, testing, dr. results,

      medical reports, etc.

      **School info –

      *for homeschoolers – keep your declaration of intent and attendance

      records here, state HS laws, county BOE contact numbers and address,

      membership info, child sections – schedule, lesson plans, yearly goals,

      high school timeline, test scores from previous school years, list of

      touch points for each age to make sure you’re on track,

      *for public schoolers – have school phone numbers, address,

      teachers names, schedule, bus schedule number, foul weather info where

      to listen look for closings…etc,

      **TnT menus + grocery lists – a weeks worth of menus and the

      corresponding shopping list for when you are too busy to whip up a menu

      for the week. The presented suggested having the shopping list in a

      sheet protector to take to the store with you, save havig to copy it

      over. Also put in local take-away menus

      **Looking to buy items – planned purchases, things you are saving up for

      – have product reviews, sale fliers, vacation brochures, curriculum

      handouts, etc.

      **Gift registry – just a simple list of who you gave what previously.

      In case you have 10 of the same thing in your gift closet so you don’t

      give it to your niece or nephew for birthday AND Christmas.

      **Encouragement – notes, cards, letters, pictures that have touched you

      and give you lift on a bad day.

      **Directories – team rosters, scout directories, church and/or

      neighborhood directory, etc. are given to you at the start of each


      **Biz cards – get the 8.5 x 11 biz card holder sheets and put any and

      all biz cards in it – even if you didn’t like the vendor. If you didn’t

      like the vendor put a big red X on the card to remind you of this fact.

      Write on the back why you did or didn’t like the vendor or simply note

      what this particular company/doctor does/is. (Some company names aren’t

      immediately clear what they are)

      Now, since this is *your* system, set it up the way that makes sense to

      you. This is just a guide to how someone else set theirs up. You can

      add or remove sections to your heart’s content as often or seldom as you

      like. But hopefully this will help you get your started. 🙂

      Good luck!!

      Diane in GA

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