Anyone near Columbus, GA?

Stuff I’d Like to See General Anyone near Columbus, GA?

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      My husband came down on orders for Ft. Benning. He reports in July, and I am starting my research now.

      Is anyone near Columbus or in Columbus? I am trying to decide between living on post and living off post. My husband doesn’t care which, so I am off to research Columbus and could use any insight available. Thanks!

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      Good Morning!

      I do! I live near Columbus on the al side of the border. my husband works in columbus, ga and we do much of our business in and around that area.

      what do you need to know?


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      Hi Debbie! Thanks!

      Let’s see…

      To give me an idea of the economy of Columbus, could you tell me:
      …the price of a gallon of gas in the area this week?
      …the price of a gallon of milk?

      Do you know anything about the good areas / bad areas of town? I hear to avoid living near the post, as that seems to be the “ghetto,” but is there anywhere else I should avoid?

      How are the reputations of the schools? I currently home school but we’d like to put the girls in school next year if the school district is decent.

      I’m pretty sure there is Publix. What other grocery stores are there?

      Is there anything you think is worth knowing?

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      Publix is where I do the majority of my shopping. There is also Winn-Dixie, WalMart supercenters, and Piggly Wiggly. Publix has had a gallon of milk on sale for $3.59 the past few weeks.

      Our gas went down to $1.89 yesterday near my house, but Columbus is still at $2.07. al gas seems to be cheaper than ga for some reason. when we first moved to the area 13 years ago, Columbus always had the cheaper gas, now it is the other way around.

      Yes, Ft. Benning area isn’t the best area to live in. I’m not sure how living right on post is though.

      Most people that I know in the military choose to live in Ft. Mitchell, al which is very close to one of the base entrances. ft.

      benning is actually in ga and al. the al side has cheaper taxes if you are looking to buy a house. the north columbus area has better schools and better living areas, but are also a little pricier.

      i live in lee county, al near the smiths station school district. they have one of the better school systems on the al side of the border. i homeschool my kids as well, so i can’t give you too much advice in that area.

      only what i hear from others. if i were going to put my kids back in school, though, it would be either the smiths station, al school district or if you want to stay in columbus, one of the schools on the north side of town.

      if i think of anything else that i think you should know, i will repost. if you can think of any more questions, let me know.

      i hope your transfer/move goes smoothly.

      my daughter’s best friend’s dad is in the military and they just got transferred to washington state this year. we miss them a great deal. they lived in ft.

      mitchell and they homeschooled their kids as well. if you do choose to continue homeschooling, i can let you know about all of the support groups in the area and what activities are available. i’m not sure how old your kids are, but we now have a local homeschool sports team and a prom.

      good luck!

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      The milk at Publix is $3.45. I’m not sure how long the special sale will last though. It has been running for few weeks now.


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Stuff I’d Like to See General Anyone near Columbus, GA?