Anyone know anything about ShadowShopper?

Work from Home Mystery Shopping Anyone know anything about ShadowShopper?

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      Are they a reliable company, or just another one of those, junk mail slewing, annoying, gift card, hidden agenda sites? Thanks…:tulip-icon:

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      This one looks iffy unless you pay them. The free version seems to only give you the directory for the different businesses out there but nothing about actual jobs.

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      Kinda what I thought too… thanks for the input.

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      I have belonged to shadow shopper for years, I have gotten alot of job from this site. Although you don’t have to be part of shadow shopper to get the jobs, they just make it easier. You can do the free version but they don’t tell you what company they are with. What you can do, is join for 3 months get serious and get the company names and join directly and then omit shadow shopper. You can also become certified through Mystery Shoppers Asso and you have access to companies through there website. Just other avenues.

      Blessing to everyone

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      I have had limited assignments from Shadow Shopper. From my experience they paid rather low rates and were slow to pay – on one occasion I never received my pay. I have been mystery shopping for about ten years, although I have cut back considerably in the last two years as my car required major repairs and the dealer could not figure out what was wrong with it.

      We played the old swap parts dance for about a year and a half. I expect to start mystery shopping again soon. Shadow Shopper would not be my first choice for an assignment.

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      to find legitimate mystery shopping companies with needs in your area, go to:

      Volition® Mystery Shopping

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Work from Home Mystery Shopping Anyone know anything about ShadowShopper?