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      This is out first year homeschooling. Just wanted to see if anyone else did homeschooling?

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      I used to but Jake (the baby) is almost 20 now 🙁 ..

      That’s actually what my comp name is hs (homeschool) links, as an adhder i tend to hyperfocus on things i like (like most adders) i have always been an infojunkie, the internet is like candy for me. i collect tons of links and articles on various subject including hsing, special needs etc etc.

      do you need some help?

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      Do you know any good homeschooling sites? I would love to find some creative ideas for my daughter. She is in Kindergarten.

      Did you homeschool through all the school years?

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      Jake never went to public school. The other kids were foster kids, then adopted. Once they were finally adopted we could HS.

      Whats her interests?



      I can teach you my phonics system if you want .. Jake was reading for real at 4, Bonnie is Mentally Retarded and I used same system – for a child the school said would never learn she reads, can do math etc etc, Matt did learn to read at school but no skills for breaking down words etc – so it was all memory. I had to reteach him too.

      Email me direct HSLINKS @


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      If you email me I can send you a couple of them.

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      I started home schooling my son in third grade. He’s in seventh grade now. The cool thing is that this year I send him to public school for advanced math and advanced language and home school him for everything else like science and history.

      I never knew you could do that and people I talk to are surprised as well. It really works well for us and he gets to spend two classes at school making friends.

      Our area has a great homeschool group. They do all kinds of activities and even put out a yearbook at the end of the year. There are a lot of groups on Yahoo groups that you can join.

      My favorite is one called Lots of ideas for keeping boys busy.

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      Another website that is cool is

      They have a lot of books that are free, you only pay shipping.

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      I’ve home schooled all my kids starting in 1986 still got 2 in high school. Learned a lot over the years but last few years so many wonderful programs have came out I wished I’d had for my boys! We’ve used regular curriculum and used homemade unit studies.

      My kids preferred the unit studies the most but was a lot of work for me to make them up. My girl’s are doing 10th grade now and also clep testing to get a head start for college. So far they’ve flown right through all the clep tests they’ve taken!

      After all these years I’m probably going to go through withdrawal when my girl’s leave home too! I’ll have to try and remember all the stuff I used to do and had to give up to home school my kids! Hope you enjoy and have a s much fun as we did!

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      She is interested in anything to do with learning. She’s the first to say in the morning that it’s time for homeshcool…lol. She loves loves art and making things.

      She has become quite the little artist…says that’s what she wants to do when she grows

      She really doesn’t have many weaknesses she is having a hard time with writing some numbers and letters backwards but they told me a lot of kids do that at first so I’m trying to help her get that straightened out. She is doing really well but we’ve been working with her for years. before she was old enough for school.

      She is having a little problem with reading… so anything to help with that would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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      For making letters, there are so many ways to make it fun. Sprinkle some flour in a pan and let her trace letters in the flour.

      Make letters with Play-doh.

      Spray some shaving creme on a table and let her finger paint the letters. Just make sure to use the non-menthol type.

      Also a Magna Doodle or similar toy.

      The Leapster game, Letter Factory helped my 3-year-old learn the letter sounds. They also have Letter Factory on DVD and we were able to borrow it from the public library.

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