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      I adopted my sister’s mixed-breed Chihuahua, who is a bundle of energy that won’t stop licking people! My teenaged nephew was “in charge” of him, loved him but had no clue about training dogs, and my sister didn’t really guide him, so the dog wound up just being an irritant to their household, so I took him on. I’ve got him better housetrained, and he’s listening more, but he will not stop licking people!

      Any ideas?

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      I understand your frustration, I have a lab that is a licker. Mine is a rescue girl who was very abused and abandoned. She then spent a bit of time in isolation due to medical conditions for the first three or so months of her life.

      We have had her for about a year now and she is a huge licker. Licking is a comfort for her. She has a blanket that she will suckle that helps her with some of the licking, but not completely.

      I wish you the best as you attempt to curb this.

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