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      Debbie Russell

      We are in need of a new printer. We’ve used HP’s in the past. They print quality is good, but the ink consumption has gotten worse with each printer, and the refills aren’t exactly cheap. So:
      What kind do you use?
      How is the ink usage?
      How is the print quality?


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      Personally, for saving money, I prefer to use a laser printer for general printing needs. There is no way to really ‘save’ money using an ink jet printer since all the brains and money is contained in the cartridge. I prefer just about any model that has separate ink chambers and even better if it has an extra large black ink cartridge.

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      I don’t know what you SHOULD buy, but I know what I WOULDN’T buy… we purchased an Epson CX6000 less than 6 months ago, it’s an “All in one” fax, scanner, copier (with top feed), Wireless printer etc- it literally stopped powering on about 4 days ago. For no reason, just decided to die.

      The kicker is, it NEVER printed nicely to begin with. Literally every single time I wanted to print a photo with it I would have to run the alignment First and no matter how much time you spent aligning it or cleaning the printheads, etc, there was ALWAYS ALWAYS lines or blurriness in the finished product.

      It’s the WORST printer I’ve ever owned and we’ve been through a few over the years. Initially I purchased it so that I would only have to buy the color ink that I actually needed, however, EPSON stopped selling those particular cartridges individually and everytime I wanted to buy ink I was stuck buying the 3 packs again. So now I have 12 yellows, 3 blues and 2 pinks/reds that are completely useless to me. Oy, did I mention I HATE Epson?

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      Do you have to have an inkjet printer to print the coupons or will it work with a laserjet? trying to reduce ink cost.

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      @bleedingace 208059 wrote:

      Do you have to have an inkjet printer to print the coupons or will it work with a laserjet? trying to reduce ink cost.

      No you can print coupons with any printer, as long as they don’t Smudge. If they don’t scan the stores wont accept them.

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      Try Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news – CNET and look up online reviews of printers to help you with the purchasing process. Also, consider refilling your inkjet cartridges yourself to save money. I hope this helps!

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      i know this is kind of an old thread but i wanted to throw my two cents in. every printer i have ever owned has been a lexmark. i’ve had many different models but my favorite type of printer is the all-in-one.

      i love being able to make a copy of something if i need it. i scan any important documents before i submit them instead of keeping a “hard copy” and cluttering up my home office “space”. i think lexmark uses a lot less ink than some of the other brands.

      even though i have not personally owed an hp printer, my experiences with them at work and with friends makes me never want one. you are buying the name brand only. they use a ton of ink, most won’t work unless you have both ink cartridges installed, etc.

      i hear cannon is another good brand. i also refill my black ink cartridge (it’s super simple to do). i also have my printer settings to where it only prints in black/white and the quick print setting prints a little lighter but is still a good quality.

      if i need something in color i just change the settings for that particular document manually. doing both of those things saves me over $100 plus a year.

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      I’ve had both an Epson and Lexmark.
      Hated the Epson, like the Lexmark, but hate the cost of the ink cartridges.
      every time i tried to have one filled, it fails.
      when the cartridges are bought brand new, they don’t last very long at all.
      sooo, i’m kinda on the fence. thinking about a new one, but not sure of what to buy if i do.

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      HP printers have always been our go to..)not much luck with any other brand

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      I also use laser printer because Laser printers use a special laser to produce an electrically charged image on a drum, which is then rolled through powdered toner. The toner then fuses onto the paper using heat. Laser printers have traditionally been used for business applications because of high printing speeds and ability to handle large volume printing and Laser printer is suitable for my business.

      I purchased Dell B1163w Mono Laser Multifunction Printer 6 months ago and it is working fine. I am happy with the results.

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