Any luck with ebay or craigslist??

Stuff I’d Like to See General Any luck with ebay or craigslist??

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      I have lots of kids clothing and items that I am thinking of trying
      to list on ebay or craiglist. Does anyone have any experience with
      either one? Is it worth the hassle?

      Thanks in advance!

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      I haven’t tried selling, but I have bought on ebay. I do like the idea of the site, however, some sellers can be quite rude to you.

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      Try this site….it’s pretty cool and free! Also, if you make handmade items, ETSY is a great place to list and sell them….

      buyitsellit – Free Online eCommerce Store Builder

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      I have had good luck with Craigslist. I always do cash and the money is provided before the goods are exchanged. I also like to meet in a public place to exchange unless it is a big item or I will go to a house only if I have my Husband with me.

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      I have gotten a few thing free on craigslist…a desk….dresser….etc…I love craigslist!!!

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      I only do ebay for selling and only accept paypal. I must say I’ve never made a profit and often sold at a lost. With their new changes on fees and limited postage rates I am now donating to the local thrift store instead. My local thrift store supports our county sheltered workshop so I feel I do much more good and save me the hassle by donating instead.

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      Plus when you donate you can apply all the donations on your taxes.

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      Sometimes ebay can be a hassle, but ebay is usually helpful when dealing with problems. Here is a useful tip though: ALWAYS get tracking when shipping items. If you dont, they can keep the item and say they never got it, and it’s your loss. Ebay claims you have to have tracking to have proof it arrived. I once shipped something and it was returned to me somehow, but the buyer said they never received it and it was too late.

      I lost shipping money but thankfully got the item back. Had I not received it in the mail, ebay would not have refunded me.

      I really have decided to take a break of ebay – my last couple of experiences have included very difficult people and it really turned me off of ebay altogether. Some items don’t even sell for very much. Baby and kids stuff usually goes for alot, my boyfriend’s sister is very successful with it.

      You usually have to have good brands in order to sell things for a profit that’s worth it.

      Craigs list is like placing an ad in your local newspaper. It works the exact same way but online. It involves the same risks as using the newspaper (people not showing up and checks bouncing) so you have to be careful.

      Only take cash and try to be firm with your asking price (they usually will always try to negotiate). They usually have to come pick up the item, which is better than having to pay the shipping prices and all those fees Ebay charges you. My brother sold a bunch of furniture, bikes, even a water fountain on craigs list. It’s also better for larger items like furniture.

      Good luck!!

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      i have done both craigslist & ebay too. at least w/ craigslist, there are no fees. i hate trying to figure those out for ebay.

      & i agree w/ craigslist — always just take cash only & make sure you have the money in hand before you hand over the item!

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      I have had great success with craigslist. I sold a lot at the beginning of the summer.

      I have sold a lot of plus sized clothing and made a nice chunk of change from it. It does take work because you have to go through the whole listing thing. And things sell a lot faster if you put pictures with them.

      I priced everything individually but then would give them a deal if they bought a lot of the stuff.

      You don’t need any sort of credit card to set up an account. And like everyone else said only accept cash. Another thing about using it is that it’s mostly local things.

      I live in San Antonio. You can either invite people over to pick the things up or you can meet them somewhere public. I made sure that if they were coming to my house I had another adult here with me (either my husband or a friend).

      It is a little bit of work but for me it was easier than trying to have a garage sale. i could list as little or as much as I needed at a time. As a stay at home mom it was a nice little income for a while!

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      I’ve had a lot of good luck with purchases from Ebay & Craig’s List. I use Pay Pal for Ebay and paid cash for Craig’s List items. I thought I wanted to sell on Ebay – but every time I’ve done it – it wasn’t worth the effort time-wise, etc. I did have a couple of guys in the Ebay selling business – do “all the work” & take their percentage but the pay-off was only a small amount and I still have several of the items that didn’t sell.

      I’ve lived long enough to realize and find out, too, that there are honest people and dishonest people, too. I would make it a point to alert the “problem-solver” person on the local TV station to alert others of what happened – the check bouncer person could go to jail!

      The lesson is “teach for the next time”… sharing this with us definitely alerts all of us to know what to do “next time”. Onward!

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      I love this site have used it to sell items and buy items

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      Well I deal with both and there are deals and pitfalls to both.

      Craigslist is free and usually fairly simple to list things on. If you items are in the wrong area…childrens clothes in furniture, for example, someone can flag it and the site will take it off. Also, the people who look for stuff on there, especially now, are looking for someone who doesn’t know the rules…

      as the people above stated.

      1. Always insist on cash…if they don’t have it out before they want to load…remind them…a decent person will be glad to give it to you ahead of time as they understand.

      2. If you can, have another person you trust at your house with you, when they pick the item up. People are reluctant to give you a difficult time if there is another person there.

      Like paying less for something than what was agreed on. Also, that person will stop you from being too nice when a situation doesn’t call for it. My fiance is good at this, one of the reasons I’m marrying him.


      3. If you don’t like the way someone’s voice sounds on the phone or their emails seem off in some way, just don’t sell to them. It’s our gut instincts that keep us from harm.


      I love ebay, but there are many rules and keeping them all in your head doesn’t happen the first time you sell something with them.

      1. Sell something small…shipping is expensive. Package the item first and (we use a cheap kitchen scale we got at Wally for $5.00) weigh it for correct shipping.

      Then go to the and calculate the cost before you list. Also, the scale at the post office is a good way to find out, if you live close by. Free boxes can be had by early morning shopping at Wally also.

      2. Add at least $0.50 to cover handling, it helps to cover the seller fees, onto the shipping. The larger the item the easier it is to add a bit more for handling.

      3. Investigate the item by searching ebay to find out what it is selling for. We lost money on our last item because we thought we could get more for it than we did.

      It wasn’t much, but it does happen. Auctions are not always great for everyone. LOL

      4. Try to only take Paypal, if possible. I suggest this only because there have been so many money order scams recently.

      We were at the post office one day when a lady walked in to verify if postal money orders were real and they were not. none of them are safe right now.

      some items also have shipping limits such as cd’s and dvd’s. you can only charge $3.00S&H. Of course you can ship it in a padded envelope for about $1.65 in the continental us.


      there are so many more things to say, but not enough room…lol
      any more questions, just pm me. i have a rating of 130 on ebay and I have done a lot of craigslisting in my time. i’ll be glad to help, if i can.

      good luck!

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      I have sold on e-bay and craigslist. I have had good luck with both. Only take cash. craigslist is free.

      too bad about your experience. Joan

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      I have used Craigslist a few times as a seller, and it usually works out fine. I sold several books, a mattress set, and a dulcimer. Another time I was going to sell some clothes to a woman, but she never showed up.

      I have several collectible-type items that I’m planning to try to sell on Craigslist as soon as I take some photos.

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      I’ve had both good and bad experiences with cl. i bought my living room coffee tables off of cl. they are both ikea and they were 35 dollars for the set, the guy even threw in this really pretty floor lamp.


      On the other hand, we’ve sold A LOT of stuff on Cl and 9 out of 10 times people get your address and never ever show up. Also, one time we sold a computer and desk, the lady was supposed to be over at 9. I promise ya’ll this woman showed up at the house at 11:30 PM ringing our doorbell.

      It scared me to death. She was really really strange. I mean, who on earth does that?


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      I have never sold anything on ebay but i did find a power pack for my laptop there much cheaper then if i bought it from the manufactorers..and it still works…i paid 13 for it and they wanted close to 100 from the manufatorers…so it just depends on what the object of interest is…if you are selling then make sure ya include some pictures of it and decide if they have to pay the shipping and handling or if you do and add or subtract that from the price…good luck

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      I’ve had moderate luck on craigslist. Some things go fast and some things go slow. Basically, keep in mind how much you want…some people like to haggle so you can think of how much you want and add 5-10 bucks. People who truly want it will suggest a different price and you can put OBO.

      People who have replied on this have the right idea….only accept cash and before the stuff is loaded. Even with cash if you can buy a marker to check suspicious bills with do so. You’d be surprised how many people will trade fake bills for things.

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      I use both and have for several years. I love them.
      I have never accepted a check with Craigslist & never will. I’ve heard too many horror stories With Ebay, I accept paypal only but if someone sends a certified check or money order, I always deposit it before sending the items. It’s been a rule for me as long as I have sold.

      There are always people who will talk you down or try to con you, but remain vigilant.

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      I use ebay quite a lot and do Ok, always get payment first, I mail most of my things out so I charge extra for postage. Things that are not worht a lot or will not sell on ebay I freecycle ot donate, donating at least I can deduct on my income tax and purple heart picks up at my door on a regular basis. 🙂

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Any luck with ebay or craigslist??