Any luck with ebay or craigslist??

Stuff I’d Like to See General Any luck with ebay or craigslist??

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      Both are a bit of a hassle. Depends on how much stuff/$$$ you
      have/are expecting to get.

      Not only are there about a million steps
      to even getting it on there, then you have to deal with people who say
      they want something, make arrangements, then never show up, or here’s
      my worst experience–I had a bunch of baby stuff, big ticket items,
      like a car seat, double stroller, high chair, play pen, crib, clothes,
      toys, etc…This lady said she would buy it all, I had them priced
      individually, but she said she wanted it all, which came to a total of
      $300.00, so that was fine with me.

      So she gets to my house and I help
      her load all this stuff into her SUV, she hands me a check for
      $100.00, that’s all she can afford! I needed that money so that I (a
      single mom) could get the rest of the next step things for my
      daughter. But I felt bad, she seemed to be in the same boat as me, so
      I let it go.

      To make things even worse, I took the check to the bank
      the next day and they would not cash it. I don’t have a bank account,
      so I got screwed….Her phone number was disconnected (was printed on
      check) and still to this day (its been since last Feb) has not
      responded to any emails that I have sent her. So now her child has
      all this nearly new, expensive furniture and things and my daughter
      shares a bed with me and most of the rest of her things are freecycle
      things or thrift store clearance items. So, no, no luck with

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Any luck with ebay or craigslist??