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      This is growing in my garden, in a small patch of it. I have no idea if it is a weed, flower, herb or veggie. It has a small flower in the middle of some of them.

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      They look like a type of geranium . . .

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      It looks to me like it could be a geranium, but it could also be what my husband calls a button weed, if so it is very invasive and you have to dig it out making sure you get the root. (not an easy task). Did you leave it and see what it did? What did you find out? Thanks; Virginia

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      I dug up 2 plants, to bring inside (died in minutes). I assume it is some kind of weed, pulled them and have not seen anymore from them. We will see if they come back next year.

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      This is malva parviflora AKA Little Mallow or Cheeseweed. It is a pesky weed with a long taproot. You can find more information by searching UC Davis IPM weed control and the scientific name. – Jane

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      I am sure this is a weed, they are interesting but, also very invasive, you will be glad to rid your garden of them.

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      I had similar of those growing in moist areas, oftentimes where it is shady. I pulled them one by one and so far they haven’t been back.

      Today is a new beginning, another day to give thanks and praise. :occasion16:

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