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      I had a 'job interview' with Primerica three years agoand it was a scam.

      Primerica is a mulitilevel marketing company and they begin by trying to get you to buy whole life insurance and when you 'sign up' as an independent rep you pay $99 to take a class to not learn the insurance laws for your state but a class that is geared to get you pass the test. Their reps start off selling whole life insurance and then move onto other finaicial products which they attempt to sell to friends and family.

      Their rates are higher than market rates on most of the products. My suggestion is to stay as far away from Primerica as possible. Do a google search on them and you will find them written up on ripoffreport.

      Follow your gut instict, they are very much a multi-level marketing company.

      On 8/6/07, jpoo68[/b] <> wrote:

      Hi all … has anyone had any experience with Primerica? They are a
      part of Citigroup, and they're geared towards meeting with families
      trying to help them plan their financial future — get out of debt

      (usually via a refinancing), make sure you've got enough insurance to
      cover your financial needs, and of course retirement planning. When I
      looked online a little, the main complaints I've come across is that
      they're almost like a multi-level marketing thing — trying to recruit
      others to come on board and start pushing the services, convince
      others to do the same (kind of like Amway). That's not anything I'm
      worried about, the guy who met with us does not seem interested in
      that, just in helping figure out our financial plans.

      But I have to
      admit, some of it sounds a little too good to be true — their
      investment package for retirement typically does 12% annually? Their
      refinancing deal will not add any time to your current mortgage
      length, and in fact will often cut the time half? You know what they
      say, if it sounds too good to be true …

      I don't know, I hate to sound skeptical. But I also don't want to be
      naive. So anyway, anyone have any experiences or info on them?


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Any experience with Primerica?