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      I have not examined Primerica’s products, and I’m not sure if those are good investments. (You’re right, some do sound too good to be true.)
      however, my dh and i had someone from primerica come and do a financial needs analysis and that was worth the time. more than anything, it was very good for dh and i to sit down together and both answer questions about our financial goals, how much we thought we needed to save, retirement, etc.

      the report we got back is interesting with good suggestions on life insurance didn’t cost anything except a few hours of our time.

      the rep did ask several times for referrals to people we thought might be interested in hearing from primerica, but we weren’t forced to give names or anything lol.

      on aug 7, 2007, at 4:46 AM, wrote:

      any experience with primerica?

      Posted by: “jpoo68” jpoo68

      Date: Mon Aug 6, 2007 7:39 pm ((PDT))

      Hi all … has anyone had any experience with Primerica? they are a

      part of Citigroup, and they’re geared towards meeting with families

      trying to help them plan their financial future — get out of debt

      (usually via a refinancing), make sure you’ve got enough insurance to

      cover your financial needs, and of course retirement planning. when i

      looked online a little, the main complaints I’ve come across is that

      they’re almost like a multi-level marketing thing — trying to recruit

      others to come on board and start pushing the services, convince

      others to do the same (kind of like Amway). that’s not anything i’m

      worried about, the guy who met with us does not seem interested in

      that, just in helping figure out our financial plans. but i have to

      admit, some of it sounds a little too good to be true — their

      investment package for retirement typically does 12% annually? their

      refinancing deal will not add any time to your current mortgage

      length, and in fact will often cut the time half? you know what they

      say, if it sounds too good to be true …

      I don’t know, I hate to sound skeptical. but i also don’t want to be

      naive. So anyway, anyone have any experiences or info on them?


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Any experience with Primerica?