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      I love the laundry sauce recipe batch that I made last week. I love it so much that I went on a laundry washing spree and washed every last stitch of dirty clothing in our whole house, including about 4 loads of towels!

      Anyway, the main thing I don’t like about it is how to dispense it, using a long-handled cookie dough tablespoon, since it has a thick consistency and all that. Then you have to store the spoon, clean/rinse the spoon, etc. etc.

      Are there any good MYO dry detergent mixtures? I read about the liquid detergent recipe along with a thread about how it’s not really effective over a longer period of time (thread here: My update on myo liquid laundry detergent ).

      what i would love would be a method for making some kind of “tablet” or “pod” similar to the myo version of the dishwasher tablets.

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