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      Boric Acid
      Cotton Balls
      Mix Boric Acid and Sugar in a bowl. Then soak Cotton ball in Mixture and let dry. Place Cotton balls in path of Ants.

      Poof – they all go bye-bye 🙂


      1/3 cup molasses
      6 tablespoons sugar
      6 tablespoons active dry yeast
      Mix ingredients together in a small bowl until they form a smooth past. Spread the mixture into plastic lid. Any old plastic container will do. Set the mixture near the mouth of ant hill.

      For kitchen areas, coat a strip of cardboard with the mixture and lay along floor or in crevices where ants travel. Works best with medium to large ants. Try substituting honey for the molasses.


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      I have made the second version and it really does work! Especially for those big black ants. Thanks

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      I get those tiny ants that bite!!! OUCH!!!

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