Another way to save gas

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      LOL, this is NOT a joke! I’ve read that, too! Another thing you can

      do is to pool your errands, and go to your most distant destination,

      first. Visit each subsequent stop, as you get closer to home. this

      way, your car warms up once, on one trip, and does not have to labor

      through several errand stops to get to this point. This is especially

      useful during the colder months.

      … Is this an April Fool’s joke for the budget minded?


      Another way to save gas

      Posted by: “Kim” sportsalibi@ sportsalibi

      Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:53 am (PDT)

      I just received a magazine called Go Green. According to an article in

      the magazine, UPS did a study which shows if you plan your route

      carefully and make 4 right hand turns to every 1 left hand turn you

      will save gas. UPS saves over $51,000 a year routing their drivers in

      this manner. Made me rethink my usual route…I just do it in reverse


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