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      With this study, were you also taking medications?

      That’s what would turn me off from it- so many drug companies in the

      past cover up “bad” results in human studies to get a drug pushed

      through, that I just wouldn’t feel comfortable taking a non-fda

      approved medication as a “lab rat”.

      As long as you are comfortable with it, though, and you make decent

      money, then that’s really good for you!

      Let us know how it works out!

      Also, great finds!!!

      — In, “koolkat31272”



      > This may not be for everyone, but my brother and myself had some

      > luck. Research studies. Yes, you become a human lab rat. But if

      > you are relatively healthy, mostly for “non-smokers” and have the

      > time, it’s been pretty profitable.


      > We live in San Antonio, Texas and I had heard somewhere that we


      > #4 for areas that cause the most “allergy” problems.


      > Well we both did studies for “dust mites”, but his consisted of 3

      > weekend overnight studies with investigational drug usage and mine

      > was strictly outpatient. We both had very extensive health check


      > (blood work, EKG, even eye exams) and the rest of the appointments

      > were drug distribution and interviews on how we were doing.


      > I’m still in the beginning of mine, but for 3 appts (check-up,


      > work and eye exam) I brought home $150 yesterday (over 1 month

      > time). I’m still expecting to bright home another $250 in the

      next 2

      > months.


      > Now my brother has completed his 3 month study (spending the night

      > Fri-Sat one time a month) and has received his check for $3200


      > taxes). The other great thing for him, his allergy to “dust-


      > has gone away…he obviously had a good result on the medication.


      > works full time, but needed some extra money for his snowball.


      > So just to get that out there. The company we used was CEDRA.


      > sure of the website, but we found the ad in the classifieds.


      > BTW…More Craigslist success stories tied into my $150 check…I

      > picked up a futon couch ($30), computer desk for kids ($15), chair

      > for desk ($5), drafting table w/chair ($15), wooden TV stand


      > and loveseat (free…desperate seller failed to sell with price

      > listed had to leave it out on the street for “free” pick-up when


      > furniture arrived). $70 + past purchases = $195 in 1 month to

      > furnish new rental we moved into with only our bed, kitchen table,

      > TV’s, computers, and sleeping bags my DD’s sleeped in while we


      > staying with family. I’m excited and hooked!!!


      > Catherine


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Another way to make extra money….