Another One Bites the Dust: Hostess Snacks Went Under

Stuff I’d Like to See General Another One Bites the Dust: Hostess Snacks Went Under

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      Say goodbye to Twinkies, Hostess Cakes, Wonder Bread and so much more . . . The CEO of Hostess announced this morning that Hostess was unable to reach agreements with the Unions and was forced to close it’s business forever. Yes, you read that correctly, no more twinkies, no more ding dongs, no more HoHo’s or Suzy Q’s, no more funky little snack cakes with sprinkles. . .

      Hostess is GONE & with it 18,500 Jobs . . .

      Which brings me to this question, Do you feel that Unions are still necessary or that they are, in part, destroying Americas Economy?

      Several years ago I worked in a Factory, which was shut down due to the inability of the Union to come to an agreement. The Company decided to completely move overseas rather than continue to fight the union’s demands. Frustratingly for most of the workers- We felt that the union didn’t even begin to represent what WE wanted, but rather steam-rolled over the workers for it’s own gain.

      In the beginning Unions were put in place to lobby for fair wages, work hours and prevent child labor.

      Nowadays, we have federal minimum wage, laws regarding overtime and child labor laws- which begs the question, Are Unions still Necessary? Or are they causing further economic collapse?

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      I have never worked for a union company and do not think that I would. I cannot see paying union dues for the reasons you stated above (we have laws that cover everything except wages above min. and benifits). I think they cause alot of workplace tension as well. I would not like it if I could not go to work for something the majority felt they needed to fight for, I have bills to pay (wait unless they want to pay my salary out of the union dues I pay monthly ~ NOT going to happen).

      It is too bad for Hostess and its employees. I have to say I have not had a Hostess in over 15 years, but I loved the twinkies & ding dongs (OH the Bananna Flips??? I think that is what they were called).

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      For those Craving a Twinkie in the future

      Recipe: Twinkies Todd Wilbur


      • Non-stick spray
      • 4 egg whites
      • One 16-ounce box golden pound cake mix
      • 2/3 cup water
      • Filling
      • 2 teaspoons very hot water
      • 1/4 teaspoon salt
      • 2 cups marshmallow creme (one 7-ounce jar)
      • 1/2 cup shortening
      • 1/3 cup powdered sugar
      • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla


      You will need a spice bottle, approximately the size of a Twinkie, ten 12 x 14 -inch pieces of aluminum foil, a cake decorator or pastry bag, and a chopstick.
      Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
      Fold each piece of aluminum foil in half twice. Wrap the folded foil around the spice bottle to create a mold. Leave the top of the mold open for pouring in the batter. Make 10 of these molds and arrange them on a cookie sheet or in a shallow pan. Grease the inside of each mold with a light coating of non-stick spray.
      Disregard the directions on the box of cake mix. Instead, beat the egg whites until stiff. In a separate bowl combine cake mix with water and beat until thoroughly blended (about 2 minutes). Fold egg whites into the cake batter and slowly combine until completely mixed.
      Pour the batter into the molds, filling each one about 3/4 of an inch. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until the cake is golden brown and a toothpick stuck in the center comes out clean.
      For the filling, combine salt with the hot water in a small bowl and stir until salt is dissolved. Let this mixture cool.
      Combine the marshmallow creme, shortening, powdered sugar and vanilla in a medium bowl and mix well with an electric mixer on high speed until fluffy.
      Add the salt solution to the filling mixture and combine.
      When the cakes are done and cooled, use a skewer or chopstick to make three holes in the bottom of each one. Move the stick around inside of each cake to create space for the filling.
      Using a cake decorator or pastry bag, inject each cake with filling through all three holes.

      Serving Size

      Serves 10

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      GRRR! Good Gravy!! I didn’t know and am not only mad but a little sad. Ya know my grand kid’s will ask, ” What’s a twinky”? ( shaking head).

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      seems pretty obvious to me that Unions are creating more problems then helping the working person. A job at minimum wage beats the heck out of no job especially in today’s economy.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Another One Bites the Dust: Hostess Snacks Went Under