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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Another Newbie here….

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      hi everyone, wanted to introduce myself. my name is alicia. live in a beautiful area in pa.

      i work two jobs right now, i’m an office manager for a podiatrist and also an aide for a wonderful elderly woman who was just put on hospice.
      hubby was laid off a year and a half ago so we are doing whatever we can to keep thing together. i love to recycle crafting. i also love to garden.

      always looking for new ideas on budgeting.

      finding this site was such a blessing! thanks for being here and having a message board! look forward to reading your ideas and helpful hints.

      thanks a lot! showered with love


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      Mama Bear

      Hi Alicia,

      I new here too. I also live in PA. I love the idea of recycle crafting!

      Be sure to post some of your ideas and pictures, I’d love to see them! I just started my very first container garden and I’m super excited. I hope it does well.

      I look forward to seeing you on the boards.

      Mama Bear

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Another Newbie here….