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      Hello everyone….My name is Jeff and I am living in High Point, NC. “Furniture Capitol of the World”…I have been lurking on the site for a while now. Figured it was time to introduce myself and say hello. I am 32 years old and a chef. Right now I am a catering coordinator for P.F. Changs. It is a pilot program for Changs and as far as I know is only available here in the Greensboro P.F. Changs…I have been enjoying the recipes on here and plan on dropping a few of my own…I guess that is enough for now…Hope you all have a good day!:003:

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      Welcome Jeff! Glad you have enjoyed the site and are now posting. Look forward to those recipes you will be posting.

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      Thank for the welcome…I was wondering if I was gonna get any…lol

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      Welcome to the group Jeff. Glad you could join us

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      Hey~!!! How are you Jeff? Welcome aboard!! I look forward to trying some of your recipes!! You will find some of the friendliest group of people here, feel free to jump on in and asked or post!! 🙂

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      Thanks for the welcome everyone!:045:

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      I love the avatar!!!

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      @faxonfive 85845 wrote:

      I love the avatar!!!

      I wish we could add our own avatars…but oh well…lol

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      You can add your own avatar, at the top of the page click on Avatar Options. Of course might want to check the rules, I’m sure it would have to be a family friendly avatar.

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      Yeah you can change and add your own personal pictures 🙂

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      Some of the “Board Offered” avatars are not “Family Friendly”…for example:….regardless all mine are (well…maybe not…Maybe I just dont have enough post to add my own avatar….because it is not an option for me as of right now…No biggie though.

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      Hello and Welcome Jeff! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing some of those recipes! My daughter is a chef also, pastry chef.. she just graduated this past may from JWU in RI.


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      Hello Jeff,
      A Chef how great –Hope you start posting some of your recipes here. Always can use some tips/pointers in cooking too.
      Where I work we cook for a captive 1,420, three times a days.

      This is a very friendly site/ everyone is very helpful–So Enjoy

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      Hi Jeff,

      How close are you to Chapel Hill, I’ve seen many Bball games from the Smith Center. Of course we had to drive from MN, it was cheaper to drive 10 years ago.

      Look forward to seeing your Avitar around. Welcome Aboard.

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      Welcome! ENjoy the group! And I can’t wait to see your recipes!!!! 🙂

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      Thank you all for the warm welcome!

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Another NC n00b here