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      Keep blinds and curtains closed. If you don’t have mini blinds on your windows — get them. They serve as a great insulator!!

      Keep the cold out and heat in during the winter and the heat out and the cool in – in the summer!!


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      actually… open the windows while the sun is up to let the warmth in. especially south faceing wondows.

      Close all curtians at night to keep heat in and keep out the bitter chill.

      The other way around in the summer. When its hott out keep the windows coverd to keep the hott sun out and open them at night to let in the cooler air. < this worked grate for us this summer. Our older home was designed for this typ of heating and cooling though. Hope that fills in a bit more. Of course on dark unsunny days opening the blinds dose no good.

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      Rering I have to agree with you opening curtains on a sunny day does really help to heat up the house as well as save on electricity-less lights. Also during the summer keep the lights off as they will heat a room up quickly.

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      this morning I the temp inside the house was down to 63 (guys are grumbling – but they went hunting so I’m not turning it up) .

      I put on my fleece vest (helps keep the back/lungs warm, and doesn’t get wet when doing dishes)

      Opened the curtains and the temp is up another degree .. that was about 30 mins ago

      Back to more dishes


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      We run our air conditioning in the summer (hubby is spoiled) so that is why I said –>the heat out and the cool in – in the summer!! But if you dont run your air conditioning then I understand 🙂

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      We live in AZ, so summer is A/C with all but 1 drape closed & the winter is heat on. Where we are the temp ranges from 115 (once it made 124) down to 20 degrees. We have only had snow twice in 20 years & then very little.

      So we do use a lot of measures to save money.

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      Guess it all really depends on your location 🙂

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      Yeah, the weather plays a big factor!!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks another energy saver