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      When packing his lunch, put a note in his lunch box, or coat pocket, telling him to meet you somewhere (like a park) after work, then surprise him with a picnic…Just thought that sounded fun and cute

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      As a mans point of view, I would LOVE to find a note like that in my lunch box !! That would be awesome ! What a nice thing to do.

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      Just in case he decides to skip lunch, also leave a note at home for him to find, so he won’t worry himself sick wondering where you are and you don’t wait for hours waiting for him to show up.

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      I came across this idea and I find it fun and cute! The idea is to have a home-dinning experience with one of the local hosts on BonAppetour, and you will be treated to a fancy meal at their homes.

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      Oh ,I never get such a note for 5 years .Let me remember ,the first time I got the note from my girlfriend ,when she cooked lunch for the first time ,I was very happy .Now as time passed ,we all never do some thing like this .

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