Angel Sachets

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      Supplies List:
      White Lace
      Gold Ribbon
      Gold Metallic Pipe Cleaners
      Small Glue Gun, Small Glue Stick
      Permanent Ink Fabric Pen

      Cut 12″ round from white lace. Place a small amount of potpourri in center. Cut 2′ gold ribbon.

      Raise lace up and tie ribbon just below the potpourri to form a ball at center of lace which is the Angel’s head. The tied ribbon is her neck and the remaining lace is her gown. Continue with ribbon by tying a double bow to create the Angel’s wings.

      Let the remaining ribbon fall to the bottom of the lace to accent her gown. Cut a small piece of gold metallic pipe cleaner and form into a circle. This is the Angel’s halo.

      Glue the halo to the Angel’s head. With marker, write what ever you like on ribbon tails, for example, “Merry Christmas to Mom” (Sister, Best Friend, Aunt, etc.) to personalize the Angel Sachet gift. I like to make 3 Angel Sachets per gift and wrap in a white gift box with gold ribbon and name tag.

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