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      This is a very light, fluffy dessert that adds a bit of Patriotic Color to the Dessert table over the holidays. You can sprinkle on a handful of fresh blueberries too. We’ve used Strawberry Pie Filling in place of the cherry, both come out great, so use what you like.

      1 angel food cake
      1 cup powdered sugar
      1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
      1 regular size container Cool Whip
      1 can (21 ounce) cherry pie filling
      1 c. chopped pecans, optional
      Tear up the angel food cake into pieces.

      In a mixing bowl beat sugar & cream cheese until smooth. Fold in the cool whip and pecans. Then, start making your layers:

      torn cake pieces, dollops of the cream cheese mixture, spoonfulls of the cherry pie filling, repeat. Top with a dollop of Whipped Cream and serve Chilled

      photo cred: recipe roost

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      For a patriot-themed dessert, adding blueberries would be so cool! This would be great for Memorial Day, Independence day, or Veteran’s Day! YUM!!!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Potluck Angel Fluff