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      You know those space bags that you put stuff in and then suck all the air out of with the vacuum cleaner? Well, a while back I was at the fair and a guy had a booth and was selling, for around $20.00, a vacuum cleaner attachment that allowed you to use regular garbage bags and do the same thing. While I was tempted, I didn’t fork out the money. I did ponder the gizmo however and came to the realization that, hey, why do I need a special gadget for my vacuum cleaner? Why can’t I just use the vacuum cleaner and garbage bags???

      So, I finally got around to trying it today and it worked just fine. I will say that I used a kit I had bought at the dollar store of small attachments for vacuuming computers, but I’m not sure you really need something like that, as long as you kept the vacuum cleaner on as you worked out the hose.

      What I did (and saw the demonstator do) is put the items in the garbage bag and then put the end of the hose inside the bag and twist the bag opening around the hose. Turn on the vacuum and suck the air out to your desired amount and then slowly work out the end of the hose keeping the opening of the bag tightly twisted. Once the hose is out, quickly twist the bag shut and seal the bag shut. I sealed the bag with one of those clips similar to a twix-it from IKEA or Pampered Chef. You could probably just tie it shut too if you have enough bag left over.

      Thought I’d share, Cheri

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks An experiment gone good…