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      Vinegar is amazing stuff! I have seen these results for myself. You can rinse your face with vinegar after a shower and your acne will clear right up within a week!

      You can use vinegar as a hair rinse if you have thin hair and it helps stimulate hair growth! You can rub vinegar on an achy joint and it will fell loads better in minutes. Vinegar will help with a yeast infection, and as a mouth soar remedy.

      You can remove organic stains (ie…grass, rust, ketchup) with a vinegar rinse before laundring. It’s amazing what you can do with the stuff!

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      I use vinegar in the rinse cycle instead of fabric softener and use diluted vinegar as a rinse aid in the dish washer. I refill my shower rinse with 1 cup vinegar then fill the rest of the way with water and it keeps my shower spotless!

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      Thank you for these tips. I have a question concerning yeast infections. A little background first. I have had a yeast infection for approx.

      a month or longer. The reason is… first of all I am diabetic, second, I was on antibiotics for 10 days because I got the H1NI virus which resulted in phneumonia, (which I am still recovering from).

      On top of all of this, I am having issues with my back and hands, therefore, my Dr. has decided that I should receive numerous steroid injections, which have not helped, I might add. So, the combo of all of these things have given me a doozy of a yeast infection. Do you know the particulars about ..

      how to use vinegar to get rid of this beast? I am pretty leery of asking my Dr. for “another antibiotic” to rid me of this. I appologize for the long drawn out post, I didn’t know of any other way to convey my question.

      Thank you so much.

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      I would douche with straight vinegar to start with maybe once a day, and then every time you go to the bathroom use a washcloth or cottonball and after you wipe with TP wipe again with the vinegar poured on the washcloth or cottonball.

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      Thanks for the advice.. i will try it ..

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      Vinegar is wonderful stuff. I clean with it, cook with it,& use it in laundry. I’ve given up buying cleaners from stores and use vinegar & soda for pretty much all my cleaning chores now.

      Well, have to admit I also use Avon bubble bath for a few cleaning chores.

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      Found some new uses for using Vinegar!!! Thank for the terrific tips!!!

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      Vinegar is one of the cheapest and safest cleaners/helpers in a household.
      I use it for most household cleaning, from descaling coffee maker to using with baking soda to help unclog a sink..I may also be of help to anyone who suffers from seborrhea of scalp if used as a rinse.

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      I have a quilt made by my grandmother that was not stored properly when we moved. It got wet then forgotten about and got very moldy. It is very colorful and bleach could not be used.

      I filled one of our bathroom tubs with warm water and a gallon of vinegar let it sit over night. The next day I drained it rinsed it and repeated the process. on the third day I put the quilt in the washer and washed with vinegar and detergent there is not a speck of mold on that quilt and the vinegar saved the day!

      It is now my “go to” for all my cleaning situations.

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      Glad to see that so many readers are finding different ways to use vinegar!
      It is an essential part of my household.

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      Does anyone know about using honey & vinegar as a digestive supplement? If so, what’s the ratio of honey/vinegar the you should take. Thanks for any help!!!!

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      we always use…
      1tlbs of apple cider vinegar (organic)
      1tsp (local) honey
      if that’s to strong, you can always mix in in a coffee cup of warm water,
      (mix the honey with the vinegar then add water)
      Drink 1-2 times daily

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      I’ve heard vinegar is great on sunburn.I’m just not sure about the smell.

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      I use vinegar/water in a spray bottle to clean up spills or marks on my very shinny ceramic floor. You can see every single spot on this floor so I keep this vinegar on hand at all times

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      @Samsmom05 433087 wrote:

      I’ve heard vinegar is great on sunburn.I’m just not sure about the smell.

      My Mom and Grandmom used this all the time. :012:It works great and didn’t smell too badly for very long…..and when you are burned you usually don’t care what relief smells like!

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      use vinegar in the dishwasher full strength instead of “jet dry” type…no the dishes don’t ell like vinegar. I also use in laundry, both in rinse AND in wash cycle…best deodorizer there is!! Gets rid “wet dog” smell, as well as the “I forgot there was a load in the washer and it’s been sitting there 3 days” smell 😉

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      I can’t even count all the ways I use vinegar around the house! So many do not even realize it is one of the best germ killers around as well while being safe and the smell is very temporary and can be offset in many applications with essential oils. I have recipes for making all kinds of cleaners with vinegar and have to keep a couple gallons around the house (one downstairs and one upstairs) at all times!

      Laundry was my first experiment with vinegar and like you I add it to all loads and even make my homemade fabric softener with it and a couple other ingredients. And in spite of it’s initial smell it will remove all kinds of nasty odors from your laundry 🙂

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      I also use vinegar to clean my windows and mirrors and instead of using paper towels i use newspaper. leaves no lint or streaks. Vinegar is some awesome stuff and is inexpensive.

      I have used it for most of the things previously posted. Will have to try the rinse hair suggestion.

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      Vinegar and baking soda, the cheap Oxiclean. For laundry, clogged drains, cleaning toilets, coffee pots and kettles, ovens and stove tops, air freshner, skin care, cleaning and whitening teeth…the list goes on and on…So much better than store bought cleaners, and no harmful fumes or poisons to hurt you, your children or your pets. Nature’s own caretaker.

      It is amazing, find out for yourself. Thanks for posting this. Btw…you can also get Cleaning Vinegar which is stronger than regular vinegar.

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      I believe white vinegar should only be used for cleaning, Apple Cider Vinegar for ingesting and for health benefits both internally and externally. White vinegar is pretty strong stuff, I took the shine off a toilet seat when I left it on there too long!

      To make acv, buy a bottle of organic vinegar with the “mother” (braggs) and then buy a few jugs of the cheapest brand of regular acv you can find. dump a cup out of each of the jugs of the cheap brand, and add 1 cup of the organic acv, let it set in a cool place for a few weeks and it will grow a new mother in each one of the jugs and now you have all the good stuff that was taken out when the cheap stuff was pasteurized. keep several jugs brewing at one time, and you will never run out.

      i soak veggies and salad greens in acv, as well as dumping some in our horse tank to help keep it clean 🙂

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      I use vinegar and baking soda to brush my teeth, it whitens and combined with warm water will heal the gums.
      I also use vinegar and baking soda to scrub pots , sinks ,countertops, stubbornness stains in
      bathtub and shower. Believe me I have many more uses but that is for another time.

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      We use white vinegar in the wash cycle instead of fabric softener, and a mix of apple cider vinegar/water in a spray bottle for skin itching works wonders on my dh’s eczema

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      Awesome way to save, love it thanks!

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      I use Apple Cider Vinegar on my hair about once a month and my hair is so soft and not crazy looking 🙂 Thanks for some more great tips.

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      I make my own apple cider vinegar when apples are in season. I use it as I would store bought ACV. Just the most fantastic stuff!

      Best cleaner in the world!

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      I had a friend that used yogurt, she said not only did it help with the infection it was soothing.
      Back to vinegar tho it is a great cleaner and I started adding it to wash and love the results.

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      Vinegar is def my favorite…I use it every day. Drink it, clean with it, use it on my face, hair, cook with it….there’s no end to using vinegar, it’s cheap and it works better than any bought products in the store! Love this site!

      Found a few more uses for it…thank you all for your tips! 🙂

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      Vinegar is valuable indeed. I put it in drinking water for me and my dogs to take cover the many health benefits. Thanks for the additional tips!

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      Do you put on hair before washing or after? Thanks. smiley-char051 smilie

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      How do you make the “mother”? We have purchased Braggs and never had a mother in it.

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      I love apple cider vinegar. It helps with so many things. Look up the Bragg’s brand for loads of information!

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      I use straight vinegar in my Shark steam cleaner,works great!

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      I use Apple Cider Vinegar for heart burn. One, two or three tablespoons and it kicks it. I sometimes get heart burn sleeping on my right side.

      I get up, take vinegar, and go back to bed in a half hour. Don’t take anything else with it, as it will be too diluted. It is tough to take the first few time, but well worth it.

      Greg W.

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