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      If you’re living frugally, then you are balanced. We are taught from
      such a young age that all we want out of life is to grow up, get a
      job and buy stuff! It takes just as much training to back away from
      the consumerism.

      You guys are great and should be extremely proud of
      yourselves, you are not only making the world a better place, but you
      are extending yourself and making your kids appreciate the real
      beauty in life. I do it here too, my child likes nothing more than
      for me to bake a batch of cookies instead of buying store-bought.
      Being a single Mum on welfare, it’s not easy but we’re happy and
      that’s the main thing. I’m the same as Kathy in that my friends look
      at me like i’m odd (and i am, but not for these reason lol).

      I wont
      buy the pre-made things for my child, if i do it, then i know what’s
      in it, it’s cheaper and it’s nicer. We buy organic meats and apart
      from seeing a difference in the humans in the family, my dog is like
      a youngster again, proving that we don’t need nor assimilate the
      chemicals in our meats. I baked cookies at xmas for my friends, and
      when my friend’s fil died, i cooked food and sent it to them, and
      they were all aghast whispering to each other what strange things i

      but noone knocked back homemade cookies, and my friend really
      appreciated not having to cook at their emotional time.
      there’s nothing wrong with any of us and at times, it’s alot harder
      to work out what to cook from scratch but that’s what makes it all
      the more satisfying. we only need look at our kids and family to
      know we’re doing the right thing. (here kathy, i borrowed your

      kristin in australia

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Frugal Savings Am I Frugal or Fanatic: Seeking Balance