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      A woman after my own heart. Gosh I wish you lived here in So. Cal with me
      so we could be friends.

      Im not as good as you on drying on a wood clothes
      dryer, but in my area people are so extravagant. None and I mean none of my
      friends used cloth diapers with their children, I was the first to have a
      kid of all my friends and the one and only to use cloth diapers and god
      forbid wash them myself without having a diaper service come out!! they
      thought i was so granola crunchy for that!!

      isnt that ridiculous. i am the
      only one i know that cooks from scratch every day 3 times a day and they are
      so amazed with me as if Im from another planet. Growing my own stawberries
      and green onions and lettuce (nothing crazy, thats it) they were all

      Buying my organic fruit & vegetables, hormone free meat,
      wild salmon(farm raised bad bad bad), they are all amazed. “You eat
      oatmeal in the morning, the instant kind right?” Give me a break people,
      the regular healthy rolled oats just take 5 minutes in the microwave.
      Making my own salad dressings, wow what a spectacular event.

      They ohhh and
      awwwww but never quite make the transition to a more wholesome life. And
      making my own pizza crust!! Holy cow, can that be done??

      Is the look on
      their face. Which is why I love this list so much, there are so many great
      people wanting to eat better and be more wholesome. This is the only place
      I can go to get some good examples of bettering myself and my family.

      Anyways, dont question who you are and all the great wholesome things you
      do. If you are ready to make your life a little easier to once in a while
      use paper plates, then go ahead. As long as youre ready to do so.

      You do
      so many good things that once in a while you can do things that make your
      life easier. Dont use the disposable plates and napkins if its going to
      make you lose part of yourself. Anyways I’ll get off my box.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Frugal Savings Am I Frugal or Fanatic: Seeking Balance