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      Forget expensive wicker baskets, painted Easter colors, or cheap

      plastic pre-filled baskets that disappoint. There are lots of items

      found in department stores and even dollar-theme stores, that make

      perfect reusable baskets. You and your child will be pleased when the

      basket is empty and can still be used.

      Alternative baskets for kids are found by the dozens in toy aisles

      and household departments. Look for small plastic wagons for boys or

      grocery carts for girls in the toy department. The items are usually

      not costly and can hold tons of Easter goodies. There’s room for

      large things, like coloring books, stuffed bunny, and plenty more.

      When the goodies are gone the boy can cart his puppy or G.I. Joe’s

      around in the wagon. You can seal empty canisters and boxes from the

      kitchen to make play foods for the girl.

      Small laundry baskets make the perfect Easter basket for boy, girl,

      man or woman. Round, square or rectangular, the baskets can be

      painted, with a paint marker, in Easter colors. No need in painting

      the entire basket, though. Just paint around one plastic “window” of

      the basket, here and there. You can also use Easter stickers to

      decorate. And if you want, eliminate the Easter theme, on the basket

      at least, and decorate it with stickers to match your child’s bedroom

      decor. Now when the basket is empty they can use it as a laundry

      hamper or a place to hold their toys.

      Waste baskets also make fantastic Easter baskets. Since they come in

      so many different sizes and colors, you can choose the one that’s

      right for the recipient. And, they can be used for any gender, any

      age. Purchase them pre-designed or use stickers, markers, paints,

      cloth or other items to improve them. There are lots of great things

      at a craft store that you can use to decorate the trash cans.

      Make quick, cheap Easter baskets by purchasing a large plastic bowl

      at a dollar-theme store or elsewhere. Braid together ribbon, ropes,

      or just cut a piece of cloth to make a handle. Glue the handle to

      opposite sides of the bowl, using contact cement to secure.

      Use a book bag, travel bag, or other zipper bag to make an Easter

      basket. Unzip and fill the bag with Easter goodies. Or, use one of

      the many different storage cases they have in toy departments, made

      for carrying doll supplies, toy cars and such. Just for girls,

      there’s baby bassinets, in various sizes, to fill with goodies. Just

      for boys, you can purchase large plastic or metal dump trucks to hold

      their surprises.

      This year, instead of spending money for Easter baskets that are only

      going to end up in storage, why not consider some of the other items

      you’ll find at a department store, like a baby doll stroller, a

      remote-control truck, a small pet bed or large plastic storage

      containers. You’ll come up with even more ideas while you browse your

      local stores.

      Kelly in IL

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