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      when my daughter was younger, I used the cheap plastic

      basket that I had bought for 50 cents at an after

      easter sale….. here is the catch,lol I cut it apart

      in segments…. why you ask, well my daughter is a

      choclate nut, so I made white chocolate put plastic

      wraps across the pieces of the basket for easy removal

      I would coat all the pieces until I got the desired

      thinkness and then I would “glue” all the pieces

      together with more chocolate. I t then assembled the

      basket back into shape choloate style. the “grass was

      fruit roll ups I had cut up and was so colorful.

      everything in the basket was chocolate or homemade or

      candy I had found uses to decorate with. she

      absolutley loved it and I was making them until she

      left home to jon the army, she is now 27 and still

      trys to con me into still doing it…. I will be for

      the grandkids. with so many molds and such out there,

      investing in them for the many uses is a savings, I

      can control what they get and how sweet it is and it

      is all edible so nothing to store for next yr,lol.

      hope this gives some insite.

      — Kelly <> wrote:

      > Forget expensive wicker baskets, painted Easter

      > colors, or cheap

      > plastic pre-filled baskets that disappoint. There

      > are lots of items

      > found in department stores and even dollar-theme

      > stores, that make

      > perfect reusable baskets. You and your child will be

      > pleased when the

      > basket is empty and can still be used.


      > Alternative baskets for kids are found by the dozens

      > in toy aisles

      > and household departments. Look for small plastic

      > wagons for boys or

      > grocery carts for girls in the toy department. The

      > items are usually

      > not costly and can hold tons of Easter goodies.

      > There’s room for

      > large things, like coloring books, stuffed bunny,

      > and plenty more.

      > When the goodies are gone the boy can cart his puppy

      > or G.I. Joe’s

      > around in the wagon. You can seal empty canisters

      > and boxes from the

      > kitchen to make play foods for the girl.


      > Small laundry baskets make the perfect Easter basket

      > for boy, girl,

      > man or woman. Round, square or rectangular, the

      > baskets can be

      > painted, with a paint marker, in Easter colors. No

      > need in painting

      > the entire basket, though. Just paint around one

      > plastic “window” of

      > the basket, here and there. You can also use Easter

      > stickers to

      > decorate. And if you want, eliminate the Easter

      > theme, on the basket

      > at least, and decorate it with stickers to match

      > your child’s bedroom

      > decor. Now when the basket is empty they can use it

      > as a laundry

      > hamper or a place to hold their toys.


      > Waste baskets also make fantastic Easter baskets.

      > Since they come in

      > so many different sizes and colors, you can choose

      > the one that’s

      > right for the recipient. And, they can be used for

      > any gender, any

      > age. Purchase them pre-designed or use stickers,

      > markers, paints,

      > cloth or other items to improve them. There are lots

      > of great things

      > at a craft store that you can use to decorate the

      > trash cans.


      > Make quick, cheap Easter baskets by purchasing a

      > large plastic bowl

      > at a dollar-theme store or elsewhere. Braid together

      > ribbon, ropes,

      > or just cut a piece of cloth to make a handle. Glue

      > the handle to

      > opposite sides of the bowl, using contact cement to

      > secure.


      > Use a book bag, travel bag, or other zipper bag to

      > make an Easter

      > basket. Unzip and fill the bag with Easter goodies.

      > Or, use one of

      > the many different storage cases they have in toy

      > departments, made

      > for carrying doll supplies, toy cars and such. Just

      > for girls,

      > there’s baby bassinets, in various sizes, to fill

      > with goodies. Just

      > for boys, you can purchase large plastic or metal

      > dump trucks to hold

      > their surprises.


      > This year, instead of spending money for Easter

      > baskets that are only

      > going to end up in storage, why not consider some of

      > the other items

      > you’ll find at a department store, like a baby doll

      > stroller, a

      > remote-control truck, a small pet bed or large

      > plastic storage

      > containers. You’ll come up with even more ideas

      > while you browse your

      > local stores.


      > Kelly in IL



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