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      Thanks for the nod. I've represented DOZENS of insurance companies. The ONLY 2 things that I have to say in regards to towing are as follows:

      I've seen an insurance company request that a customer remove towing because they, literally, used the coverage every month. In order to get towing coverage, you have to have collision coverage. So, the person, whose vehicle was a good 15 years old, purchase collision coverage, because he wanted the towing coverage. AAA had dropped him because of too many towing claims, so he was using his auto insurance coverage. Since the collision and towing were so cheap, this was cheaper for the customer, than paying for the frequent tows. He did go ahead and remove the coverage. I don't think that, per state law, the insurance company would have been able to cancel him solely based on the towing claims (I don't remember the state). The company wasn't Allstate.

      I've never, as an underwriter, increased a person's premiums because they used their towing coverage. Towing coverage was never calculated into the formula of rate determination. I've never seen it. That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, but I've simply never seen it. That includes people coming to me for quotes because their premiums went up, and people currently with any of the companies that I represented.

      On 9/21/07, Cheryl Espedal[/b] <> wrote:

      With respect to Monique of Euclid, OH , it isn't just Allstate. Clark Howard used to advocate using one's auto insurance company for towing as it is part of your auto insurance and is cheaper than AAA but, recently, he said “don't do it” as it will adversely affect your insurance rates. For some reason, every time you call for a tow, they count it against your policy. He said it is true for all insurance companies.


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