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      I know that Christmas and Birthday should be all new things,

      But I have 4 kids, and Goodwill,yard sale are great,

      Clearence (Sorry about spelling) Racks are great to,

      I got my almost 17 year old Daughter a “brand new Prom Dress” From

      Goodwil for $7.oo her Shoes for $3, and I made there Flowers, out of

      $1. flowers from big lots, there whole night cost us $30.

      last Christmas we spent under $200. for all for kids,

      boy my boys ages 15 and 12 got mp 3 players, $10. each for Big

      lots, my oldest daughter is married and they got a toaster and a

      coffee maker, $22. for both also found a hand made quilt for $3. at a

      yard sale. and made then a basket of homemade jams and breads,

      wich I was just told that they are just now done with the jams and a

      hint! hint! mom

      my boys also got, clothes,cd that my hubby burned for them,

      my 17 year old Daughter CD’s burned by daddy,I made her 4 new

      outfits for school, designer clothes, made by Mom but I have gotten

      orders for her friend so they can have designer clothes too,

      all 4 kids get new towels that I buy cheap towel and make them look

      like they are EXpenive (Sp) as far as vacation, look in your own

      yardback there are alot of thing that you can do for free,

      like camping in your backyard, pitch a tent, fire up the grill tell

      ghost stories have hotdog on stick and so’mores go on nature walks at

      your local parks

      Hey we have been all over the world and never left our back yard,

      Take vacations isn’t so much about where you go but how much fun you


      and memories can be made any where

      Cindy of Indiana

      — In, Christine Bergeron



      > I know what you mean about money being tight I have 5 kids 5, 6, 8,

      10 & 11 we can’t give them any money so no allowance what so ever and

      we had to tell them this year no summer vacations or Christmas So how

      do you explain Santa can’t afford to give them gifts but their

      friends and cousins will be getting gifts……


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      > times are really hard here and i can no longer afford to give my

      children their small allowance. we have been giving them each .71

      per day, if chores were not done they lost that days allowance. i

      need some ideas on how to reward them for their jobs well done. btw,

      they dont get paid for everything they do, they know that most jobs

      are to help the family live comfortably. they get allowance for

      their personal chores like keeping their room clean, putting their

      laundry away, etc. they are boys ages 13 and 10. video games, tv,

      and computer time wont really work i think, because they are limited

      on time to do these things.

      > Sher

      > “Faith is not developed by miracles. Miracles are a result of

      great faith!”

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